Sunday, February 6, 2011

celebrating the year of the rabbit

my dad and i spend almost every sunday together with 3 usual objectives: to see each other, to walk around the city, and to eat (not always in that order).
when i asked him if he wanted to go see the dragon collect envelops on spadina for chinese new year he was like "sure i'm gonna get some of those vietnamese subs to take home for dinner." like a true manek he is thinking about the next meal before he's had the first.
i love the veggie soup at swatow number 35, dad ordered the swatow special soup without asking what was is in it.
i was like "are you gonna eat that not knowing what it is?" to which he replied "sure, it's like being on fear factor."
although he refused to identify the meats he insisted they were good/alright and that the soup was making him "sweat his god damn ass off!".
well there you have it, happy new year.

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